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Why Cape Town Should be Your Next Destination

Something for Everyone

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, beach lover, big eater, shopaholic, seasoned hiker, mountain climber or just another average Joe, this city will definitely leave you dazzled and longing for more. I can’t even count the number of cities I have visited in my lifetime (over 200) but I can safely say that Cape Town, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Kyoto and San Diego are my favorites (in that order). Lucky for you, planning this trip won’t even be required because you can just read this blog and use the same itinerary I prepared.

Which Season Gives You a Reason

South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth which means the seasons there are a bit different to what we are used to. Summer begins in November and lasts until the end of February. It does get pretty so if you’re visiting during this time of the year, pack some sunscreen and make sure you hit up some of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. Autumn occurs from March to May and is possibly the best season to visit. The winter season then takes over from the end of May through to August. During this season, you can expect rain, strong gusts of wind, hot and sunny or cold and chilly days; so make sure you pack something for every season. Winter is perfect for the great outdoor lovers , the peninsula is greener than ever and the waterfalls are rich with life. Finally, Spring runs through September and October. This is also a perfect time to visit Cape Town with mild climates and fields becoming carpeted with the striking colors of wild flowers. This season is also wonderful for whale watching and outdoor activities. For more information on the weather and seasons of Cape Town, check out:

Introduction to Our Trip

Our trip to Cape Town was from the 9th to the 17th of February (summer). It did get uncomfortably hot whilst hiking up Table Mountain but other than that, the weather was perfect. We only spent two days in Cape Town before beginning our road trip along the Garden Route, although two days really wasn’t enough for everything the city had to offer. Time off work was a constraint though so a compromise had to be made. So, if you can afford two weeks, spend more time in Cape Town and drive further along the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth; but if you only have one week, then I definitely recommend you stick with the same plan we did.

I will try my best to express through words and pictures how beautiful this city and its people truly are; so stay tuned for a day-to-day blog of our time in Cape Town and road trip along the Garden Route. Join me as we embark on a journey full of crazy adventures and flirting with death, scrumptious food, unfortunate ordeals, new friends, hilarious moments and sad goodbyes.

‘The more I traveled, the more I realized fear makes strangers of people who should be friends’ -Shirley MacLaine

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