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Grasp the Adventure is about breaking the confines of the city and exploring a world outside your comfort zone. It is not just a hiking community, it is a time and place for people to drop down their barriers and allow for the crazy within them to take over. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and form friendships. Most importantly, it is a haven for people who are seeking to cure the stress and negativity they may be facing in their day to day lives.

We organize local and international trips that revolve around our two favorite things… hiking and food. However, the magic that takes place throughout these activities simply cannot be conveyed through words, you must experience it yourself. The jokes, the laughter, the dancing and most importantly, the friendships formed are the true treasure of this community… and our famous skirt steak of course 


The hiking season in the UAE generally begins mid November and runs until the end of April, although the last couple of weeks are usually uncomfortably warm. During this period, we try our best to run hikes at least twice a month and anyone is welcome to join! The adventures are always announced on our website and Instagram account @GraspTheAdventure. The difficulty of the hike will be mentioned so you can register accordingly.


What do outdoor aficionados in the UAE do when the weather gets scorching hot you ask? Well, we start exploring mountains across the globe of course! From Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa, to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountains of Peru, our international trips certainly do not disappoint.

Dance with the locals and try their cuisine all whilst hiking with a group of awesome, like-minded individuals. Check out our upcoming international adventures page to learn more on these. It is honestly an experience that will change your life; I know it changed ours. We start off as strangers but after only the first, few days in the mountains, we become a family.


It is not a Grasp the Adventure trip if it doesn’t end with a feast! Our local hikes are always concluded with a barbecue which features our famous, marinated skirt steak and wagyu burgers. Think of it as a reward for a day well spent. We always recommend staying for the bbq since this is also when we all get the chance to get to know each other better. From dance circles and group games to more intimate conversations under a starry night and around a warm campfire… there is no better way to spend a weekend.


On our website, you can find countless stories of our past trips and some of the craziest things we've experienced. We share our itineraries to help you plan your next adventure. Grasping Awareness is a campaign we've launched to shed some light on matters that need to be discussed, you can also read more about that on our blog.

Enough about us though, we want to hear more from you! Head over to our forums page to share your thoughts, meet other adventurers out there, have grasping discussions and ask countless questions. 

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