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Grasp The Adventure

Covid-19 Policy

Please read and understand the points below to:

  • Ensure compliance with National and International COVID-19 related regulation on a personal and company level

  • Secure the health and safety of the Grasp The Adventure team and clients

Grasp The Adventure (GTA) Team Members:

  • Follow the Regulation issued by Ras Al Khaimah as well as those issued on a National and International level. These would be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are up to date.

  • Ensure awareness of all clients on the Regulation.

  • Ensure the strict implementation of the Regulation amongst the Grasp The Adventure Team and Clients.

  • Regularly remind clients on the Regulation.

  • Any violation to the Regulation will be highlighted by warning the violating clients and an immediate corrective action will be advised. If the client refuses to follow the corrective action route, the Grasp The Adventure Team has the right to prohibit the client from participating in the event.


Clients (Referred to as Graspers)

  • Follow and respect the Policy.

  • Support in the implementation of the Policy.

  • Accept and collaborate to accomplish the corrective action in case of Policy violation.


Covid-19 Policy:

Before the Adventure

  • Anyone feeling ill before or on the day of the event should contact and inform GTA and await their advice.

  • Every Grasper should pack their own equipment (chairs, tents, sleeping bags and mats, etc.) including COVID-19 precautionary equipment (mask and sanitizer are a must, hiking gloves are recommended) required for the event.


At the start of the Adventure

  • Confirm that all the Graspers present have registered to the event. GTA Team has the right to prohibit the Grasper from participating in the event if not registered.

  • Body temperature check for all Graspers present will be undertaken via a temperature gun. Any Grasper with a body temperature above 37.8°C is recorded, the Grasper will be requested to not attend the event. When a body temperature above 37.8°C, the reading will be taken three times, with a 5-minute interval between each reading, to account for any errors. Multiple temperature guns will be available in the event of any malfunction occurring.

  • All positive or suspected cases (showing symptoms) of COVID-19 are prohibited to participate in the event.

  • All Graspers present should have their masks on upon arrival to the meeting point.

  • Masks and sanitizers will be available and will be provided to any Grasper without masks.

  • Social distancing (maintaining a distance of 2 meters) will be practiced at all times. Exceptions apply to individuals of the same household.

  • The GTA Team will check for the adequacy of the Graspers’ resources for the event, such as food and beverages. This is to ensure that each Grasper is self-sufficient and would not require sharing any resources with other Graspers. The GTA Team will have a surplus of resources to accommodate for any emergency situations.

  • The GTA Team will brief all Graspers on the Policy.


During the Adventure

  • The hike will be conducted in a safe and organized manner to ensure that social distancing is maintained throughout.

  • GTA Team contact with Graspers is limited to situations where support is required. GTA Team members will be wearing gloves to minimize contact. It is also recommended that Graspers wear gloves during the event.

  • Sharing of resources, such as food and beverages, is prohibited. The GTA Team will provide Graspers with additional resources in emergency situations. Exceptions apply to individuals of the same household.

  • The GTA Team will regularly remind Graspers of the Policy.

  • The GTA Team will regularly check for the implementation of the Policy and advise on the appropriate corrective action in the event of violation by Graspers.


During the Post-Adventure BBQ

  • Graspers will be requested to sanitize their hands prior to the BBQ. The GTA Team will direct Graspers to the nearest facility that could provide this and if unavailable will provide the Graspers with the necessary means to do so. 

  • Graspers will be requested to set-up their own equipment (chairs, tents, sleeping bags and mats, etc.). Support will be provided by the GTA Team if required. The GTA Team will advise on the distribution and placement of these equipment ensuring they are in line with the Policy.

  • Seating arrangement will be planned in a way to ensure Graspers are separated at least by 2 m. Exceptions apply to individuals of the same household.

  • If the post-event includes camping, tents will be at least by 2 m. Sharing of tents is prohibited with the exception of first and second degree family as well as couples of the same household.

  • Tent capacity will be limited to a maximum of one person per tent with the exception of two people per tent for first and second degree family as well as couples of the same household.

  • The GTA Team will setup all the equipment (serving tables, food preparation utensils, etc.) and resources (food) required as part of the post-adventure barbecue. All equipment and resources are previously cleaned, disinfected, and packaged in a way to avoid contamination during transport. The equipment and resources will be cleaned and disinfected again during the post-event barbecue if required. The GTA Team will carry out the above while wearing masks, face shield or a combination of both as well as gloves.

  • The GTA Team will be strictly responsible for the preparation and serving of food and beverages, that have been previously ordered, during the post-event barbecue. Exceptions apply to those who have their own food and beverages.

  • All food and beverages served by the GTA Team will be served in a safe and hygienic manner to the Graspers to ensure no contamination takes place.

  • The GTA Team will not eat, drink, or smoke during food preparation and serving. The GTA Team will also avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth while doing these tasks.

  • Disposable materials (packaging, plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, etc.) will be used during the post-event barbecue. Priority will be given to the use of environmentally friendly materials (recyclable, recycled, biodegradable, etc.). Exceptions apply to the materials used by the GTA Team during the preparation of the food as these materials will be handled in a safe and hygienic manner as previously outlined.

  • Any materials or resources that are suspected to be or have been contaminated (left exposed to the air for some time, unattended or unclear user, cough/sneezed on, etc.) will be disposed of immediately.

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